Twitter Adds Bookmark Count to Tweets: Keep Track of Your Saved Tweets

Twitter Adds Bookmark Count to Tweets: Keep Track of Your Saved Tweets

 Twitter has introduced a new feature that allows users to keep track of the number of times a tweet has been bookmarked. This feature provides a new level of insight into the popularity of tweets and enables users to understand their audience's interests better.

The bookmark feature was initially introduced in 2018, allowing users to save tweets that they want to revisit later. It was an essential feature for Twitter users as the platform is fast-paced, and users can easily miss out on tweets they would like to revisit. However, there was no way to track how many times a tweet was bookmarked until now.

With the addition of the bookmark count feature, users can see how many times their tweets have been saved by others. This new feature provides several benefits, including:

Measure the Popularity of Your Tweets

By checking the bookmark count of your tweets, you can get a sense of how popular your content is. The number of times your tweets have been saved is a good indication of how valuable your content is to your audience. It is also a great way to track how your engagement on Twitter is increasing over time. This metric provides feedback on what kind of content works best for your audience and what you should focus on creating in the future.

Understand Your Audience's Interests

Bookmark counts can also help you understand what type of content your audience is interested in. If a particular tweet has a high bookmark count, it's a good indication that your audience is interested in that topic. This information can help you tailor your content to better meet their needs, which will help you grow your following.

Keep Track of Your Saved Tweets

Bookmark counts also make it easier for you to keep track of your saved tweets. If you save a lot of tweets, it can be challenging to remember which ones you found most valuable. By checking the bookmark count, you can easily identify the tweets that were most helpful to you. This feature provides a convenient way to organize your saved tweets and reference them whenever you need them.

How to Use the Twitter Bookmark Count Feature

Checking the bookmark count of a tweet is easy. Simply click on the bookmark icon located below the tweet, and the bookmark count will be displayed next to the icon. To save a tweet for later, click on the bookmark icon located below the tweet. The tweet will be saved to your bookmarks, and you can access it later by clicking on the "Bookmarks" option in the Twitter menu. To manage your bookmarks, click on the "Bookmarks" option in the Twitter menu. From there, you can view all of your saved tweets, organize them into folders, and delete tweets you no longer need.


Q: Can I see the bookmark count of other people's tweets?

A: Yes, you can see the bookmark count of any tweet, including tweets from other users.

Q: Can other people see how many times I've saved a tweet?

A: No, bookmark counts are private, and only you can see how many times you've saved a tweet.

Q: Can I see the bookmark count of a tweet that I've retweeted?

A: No, bookmark counts only apply to tweets that have been bookmarked.


Twitter's new bookmark count feature is a valuable tool for measuring the popularity of your tweets, understanding your audience's interests, and keeping track of your saved tweets. By using this feature, you can better tailor your content to meet the needs of your audience and improve your overall Twitter experience. So start bookmarking your favorite tweets today, and keep an eye on your bookmark count to see how your content is resonating with your audience!

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