New WhatsApp features and updates rolled out in 2022

New WhatsApp features and updates rolled out in 2022

Many changes in the app have an associate with its acquisition by Meta in 2014. Although, with enhancing usability, WhatsApp has become one of the fastest tools for keeping in touch with loved ones via chats and video and audio calls, as well as enlisting audiences and accelerating sales through features like WhatsApp Business.

Other updates made to the app carry WhatsApp web, which launched in 2015, and end-to-end encryption, stickers, group calling, and UPI payments introduced. Additionally, in August 2021, the company pulled out the 'View Once' option, which made chats depart after they were opened. With this, users could send photographs, without worrying about them taking up space in their phones. It also enhanced user privacy. 

Here are the new WhatsApp features and Updates introduced in 2022

Message Yourself

WhatsApp started rolling out the Message Yourself feature on November 29. The feature lets users message themselves. According to WhatsApp, users can now send themselves messages that act as reminders.

Here are the new WhatsApp features and Updates introduced in 2022  Message Yourself

Users will catch the option of messaging themselves by tapping the chat icon. They will then select their own contact card from the list. Messages can be sent in the same way as they are to another contact.

WhatsApp floated the Community feature on November 3. In a blog post, the company said the "major update" is being rolled out globally and will be available to all users in the next few months.

"Communities such as neighborhoods, school parents, and workplaces can now connect multiple groups under one roof and organize group conversations on WhatsApp," the company said.

Being in a community will allow a user to get information from different groups in the community and receive updates from other community members - all sharing a common interest.

In addition, WhatsApp said that communities will help "organizations communicate with some level of privacy and security."

"The alternatives available today require trusted apps or software companies with a copy of their messages — and we think they deserve the higher level of security provided by end-to-end encryption," WhatsApp said.

According to the company, 50 organizations in 15 countries have participated in providing feedback on WhatsApp for Communities.

Chat surveys, video calls for 32 people, and larger groups

WhatsApp has also launched three other features besides communities.

Chat surveys, video calls for 32 people, and larger groups

These include the creation of chat polls and a major expansion of video calling, which would now include up to 32 people at once. Groups can now be created with up to 1,024 users.

WhatsApp said on its blog that all three new features will be "particularly useful for communities".

New features to increase privacy

On August 9, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg revealed that WhatsApp is getting a new set of privacy-enhancing features.

According to the BBC, Zuckerberg said the features will help keep WhatsApp messages "as private and secure as face-to-face conversations."

New features to increase privacy

One of the most important features is to allow users to leave a group without notifying members except administrators. From now on, all group members are notified by a notification in the chat window when a member leaves the group or is kicked out.

Similarly, users will be able to control who can see them online. They can choose which of their contacts not to see when the user is online.

A third feature will help those who send View Once messages. These are messages that disappear once the intended recipient sees them. The feature update will prevent other users from taking screenshots of View Once messages, ensuring the sender's privacy.

Voice messages improvements

With the introduction of voice messaging in 2013, sharing voice notes has become a quick and easy process that helps those who don't want to type a message. The simply designed feature helps users share more intimate and expressive conversations in the form of a voice memo.

Voice messages improvements

In a blog post dated March 30, 2022, WhatsApp announced that its users share an average of 7 billion voice messages, which are protected and kept private by end-to-end encryption.

Based on this, the messaging app launched new features in March 2022 to improve the WhatsApp voice messaging experience. These include:

Playback outside chat: Helps you hear a voice message outside chat while reading and replying to other messages or multitasking on your smartphone.

Playback outside chat:

Pause/resume recording: You can pause the recording of voice messages, for example, to gather your thoughts or get rid of distractions, and resume recording when you're ready.

Pause/resume recording

Progress Visualization: Shows a visual representation of the audio on the voicemail, indicating that the recording is on.

Concept preview: You can listen to your voice messages before sending them to your loved ones or clients.

Remember Playback: If you press pause while listening to a voice message in a chat, this feature lets you pick up where you left off.

Fast playback of forwarded messages: This feature allows you to increase the speed of normal and forwarded voice messages to 1.5x or 2x so that you can listen to them faster.

Introducing communities

Organizations such as local clubs, schools, or businesses rely heavily on WhatsApp to work and share confidential information. That's why the messaging app introduced a comprehensive solution called Communities in April 2022.

Introducing communities

This feature helps to share information with more people by bringing different group chats under one roof with a system that is convenient for them.

This way people can get updates sent to the whole community as well as start smaller newsgroups that share common interests. For example, a school principal can use the Community feature to connect all parents and share important updates in one place. They can also create groups for specific classes or extracurricular activities.

Additionally, Communities will empower group administrators with new tools that include notification messages that can be broadcast to everyone.

More features will be enabled before the full Communities interface launches later in 2022. While they haven't given a date, WhatsApp is focusing on developing Communities this year to support its everyday users.

Once launched, they will be able to use Admin Delete, where WhatsApp group admins can delete problematic messages from everyone's chats, and Voice Calls, a one-tap voice call feature where up to 32 people can be on a call.

Small business support

WhatsApp is leaving no stone unturned to support businesses around the world. The company announced that it is developing advanced features to help businesses operate and strengthen their online presence. For example, WhatsApp will make it easier to manage chats on up to 10 devices.

In addition, to attract customers online, it will provide new customizable WhatsApp click-to-chat links. However, these features will be included as a premium, paid service that you can opt for if you have a WhatsApp Business account.

Small business support

As an additional service, the company offers free and secure cloud hosting services for all businesses regardless of their size. The new API will not only reduce the startup time to access WhatsApp to minutes, but businesses can also customize their experience and reach their customers quickly. To get started, you can sign up directly or contact Meta's business solutions provider.

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