How do you connect headphones to PS4?

Want to connect headphones to your PS4 but don't know how? In this article, I will explain how to connect a wireless or wired headset. I will also explain step by step how to connect the wireless headset to the base station via the optical connector.

What do I need?

How do you connect headphones to PS4?


PS4 controller.

(gaming) headphones with one of the connectors below:

Bluetooth (wireless)

3.5mm jack (AUX)

Optical connector (TOSLink)

Before connecting the headset, make sure that the headset is compressible with the PlayStation 4. You can usually find this information on the headset packaging or online. Is your headset not compatible with PlayStation 4? Unfortunately, headphones cannot be connected.

Connect a Bluetooth headset

Connect a Bluetooth headset

Unfortunately, most Bluetooth headsets don't work with the PlayStation 4. Wireless headsets that work with the console often include an extra USB receiver that you can connect to your PlayStation.

Still, want to try a Bluetooth headset? Follow the steps below.

Start your PS4, click "Settings" and go to "Devices".

Select "Bluetooth device". PS4 will automatically search for nearby Bluetooth devices.

Follow the instructions to connect (pair) your Bluetooth headset.

Once you see your device in the list of Bluetooth devices, select your headset.

You can adjust the sound settings in the menu. Press the PS button, then click 'Sound/Devices' to adjust the settings.

Connect the 3.5 mm jack

Connect the 3.5 mm jack

Do you have wired headphones? Follow the steps below to connect your headset to your PlayStation controller.

  • Grab your PS4 controller and headset.
  • Plug the headset's 3.5mm jack cable into the PS4 controller's headphone jack.
  • Press and hold the PS button on the controller. A menu will appear.
  • Go to “Sound/Devices”.
  • In the "Output Headphone" section, select "All sounds". Now you can hear the sound through the headset.

Optically connect TOSLink

Optically connect TOSLink

In most cases, the headset comes with a base station that is connected to the PS4. Follow the steps below to connect the headset to the PlayStation 4 system via the base station.

Connect the base station/transmitter via USB for power and connect the optical cable for audio transmission. 2. Go to "Settings" on the PS4 system.

  • Go to “Sound and Screen” and then “Sound Output Settings”.
  • Select "Primary Output Port" and change it to "Digital Output (Optical)".
  • Select Dolby Digital 5.1ch as input format and press 'OK'. Then go back to "Audio Output Settings".
  • Go to "Audio format (Priority)" and change it to "Bitstream". Go to "Settings" on PS4.
  • Go to "Devices" and select "Audio Devices".
  • Change the input and output devices to connected headphones.
  • Select "Output to headset" and change this to "Chat Audio".

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